Three Girls Kidnapped And Strapped With Suicide Bombs

Emily Nelson 10/24/17 Girls of young ages were captured by Nigerian Militants who were forced to be strapped with bombs. Boko Haram was the one who strapped the suicide bombs to them and sent them into crowds to blow themselves up along with innocent people. Luckily three girls were lucky and had

School Dress Code

Emily Nelson October 18, 2017 School dress code has been a huge debate for quite some time. The question is whether or not there should even be a dress code. In my personal opinion it shouldn't even be in the school handbook because they are just clothes. Children and teens all

The Chilling Race Between Three Haunted Places

‚ÄĆEmily Nelson, September 19, 2017   As pumpkin carving and corn mazes are just around the corner, the most chilling and most frightening things are right behind it. Haunted houses are a staple of the fall season. October is the most frightening month and there are so many great scares you can

Irma takes over the east coast

Middleborough High School

Emily Nelson September 14, 2017 A storm with violent winds and an eye of 4,000 miles wide takes over the East Coast in the U.S. The storm is Hurricane Irma whose winds were stronger than any other storm here in the U.S. It is the largest storm to hit the US