Listen Up Episode 2: October 2017

00:58 - Homecoming Dance by Gil Araujo 02:17 - Jimmy Fund Walk by Nicky Hart 04:27 - How to Video by Eden Eugenio 07:04 - How to Video by Aileen Peddie 11:33 - How to Video by Emily Parziale 12:21 - How to Video by Evan Parker 13:20 - Volleyball Vs Norwell by Courtney Roberts 14:31 -

TV Pro at the Movies: Episode 3 – Shorts, Sports, Special FX

Featuring Shorts, Sports, and Special Effects videos produced for the 2017 MOVE Contest. Shorts 00:53 - "Interviewed" by Chase Holyoke, Sean Rutledge, and Hunter Siedentopf 06:08 - "April 7th" by Hannah Stearns 09:51 - "Paranormal Ersatz" by Shannon Hurley 11:57 - "Do You Remember What You Did to Me?" by Courtney Roberts and Kyle Maloney 15:03

Listen Up: April 2017

1:05 - Pops Concert by Aaron Conley 5:28 - Rotary Auction by Sydney Montross 8:48 - Mr. MHS by Chase Holyoke 14:32 - MHS Festival Performance "Crossroads" by Janie Humphries 16:35 - Brush Fire Near MHS by Matt Tortora 19:23 - NMS Student Teacher Basketball Game by Matt Tortora 21:18 - "No Better Option than adoption"

How Tired are You?

1/5/17 By: Eric Grady After a school vacation of fun filled activities, staying up till 4 in the morning and enjoying noschool it is your first day back to school. You wake up to the sound  of your alarm clock ringing and you try to feel for the snooze button. You look