News Story Article 12 December 4th,2018 Erika Early   Ariana Grande has recently came out with a new song titled “Thank You Next”. It is in this song where she disses four of her most known ex boyfriends. These include Ricky Alvarez, Big Sean,Pete Davidson and Mac Miller. Mac just recently passed away and

Erika Early Week 11 November 29,2018 For the second time this year, federal health officials have warned Americans not to eat romaine lettuce at all and have asked stores to throw away all their supplies. The romaine lettuce was not contaminated it was because there was no good way of figuring out where

High School Sports

Website Article 9 Erika Early November 1,2018   Throughout the United States nearly 8 million students play a high school sport yet, 480,000 of them will compete at NCAA schools. When it comes to the topic of high school sports, most of us will readily agree they are embedded in American schools. Where this agreement

Why Boston Is The Best City

Erika Early October 25, 2018 News Article 8             Why Boston Is The Best City   Boston Massachusetts is ideally the best city to live in or travel too. From cool attractions to the top education Boston has it all. It is ranked the 8th in the entire world for Best Student Cities in 2017 and

 Dancing With The Stars Juniors:Week One

Website Article 7 Erika Early October 17 2018                               Dancing With The Stars Juniors:Week One   Dancing With The Stars Juniors is a new show that has been brought to ABC this fall. It’s the same concept as Dancing With The Stars except the celebritys are kids. The show has gotten lots of attention and will