21st Century Conferences

Gabrielle Larocque    November 15, 2017           This past Thursday the 9th, at Middleboro High School, the whole school participated in a full day of 21st century conferences to prepare them for the their future. Prior to Thursday, most students signed up for their workshops online, this ensured that they were

US Education

Gabrielle Larocque October 24,2017   The USA is a lot of the times seen as a nation that has it all. You would think it would be a country that is close to the top of the charts in mostly everything. So, how is US education compared to other countries? Well, studies show


Gabrielle Larocque October 18,2017 Procrastination is something most teenagers are a victim of. Most people would rather stay in bed instead of working on school work, or doing chores. Whether you overcome it quickly, or it sets you back hours, it impacts your daily life. So, how do you overcome procrastination? It’s


By: Gabrielle Larocque 9/19/17   What is a concussion? Many people you know probably have had one before. A concussion is a brain injury that disrupts  your brain functions. They can be caused by a blow to the head, or just intense shaking of the upper body or head. It is when

Field Hockey

Gabrielle Larocque September 13,2017 On Tuesday, September 12, the Middleboro High School field hockey teams had a game against the Norwell Clippers’ field hockey teams. Field Hockey, every day after school is how these two teams prepare. When they do not have games, they are out working on the field from 2:30-