Royal Engagement

Katelyn Levesque 11/29/17   2017 marks an important year for Americans. The first official engagement of an American and a British monarch has just been announced from earlier this month. The last American to marry into the British monarchy was in 1937 when the Duke of Windsor married Wallis Simpson. This engagement wasn’t

The Control of North Korea

Katelyn Levesque 11/14/17   1950, a year that would be very important to the USA today in 2017. In the year of 1950, the country of North Korea became independent and was reunified under the rule of communism by Kim II-sung. That started the Korean wars which was fought against South Korea for 3

Animals Domesticating Themselves?

Katelyn Levesque 10/24/2017 In 2003, Nick Jans, his wife, and their dog Dakodah went to take their dog for a walk in the cold and never knew what that they would see as soon they did. They were all taking their morning stroll in cold Juneau, Alaska when suddenly, something they had never

Controversy on Birth Control

Katelyn Levesque 10/18/17 Tuesday October 10, 2017 , The Trump Administration argued the positives to birth control and instead highlighted the potential harms of it. The new rule stated that some companies, businesses, and religiously affiliated nonprofits did not have to contract, arrange, pay or refer for contraception coverage for their employees. Also,

My Opinion on Kneeling During the Anthem

Katelyn Levesque October 3, 2017 This is ridiculous. How can these people do this? They must have some nerve. As you can see, I was fully and completely outraged when I heard about this situation. I had no words to describe my emotions towards these people. I was disgusted with their behavior and

Amber Tamblyn: Women Need to Speak Out

Katelyn Levesque 9/20/17   Amber Tamblyn, 34 year old actress, author, poet, and film director of Santa Monica, California is done keeping her mouth shut. On September 13 of this year, actor James Woods called out a movie actor, Armie Hammer, for having a love interest in a movie who is only 17. Hammer