Season one vs Season two

Katherine Williams November 13, 2017           Stranger Things is an Original Netflix sci fi show. It takes place in a small Indiana town in 1983. The main characters differ from the two seasons. In the first season it’s Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce and Hopper all looking for

Should we have competition in school?

By: Katherine Williams. October 17,2017 In high school, such as MHS, students compete everyday against each other. They might not realize it, but they compete against each other for things such as valedictorian, a role in a play, captain for a team, higher class rank and so much more. Is this

What it’s like to join STW

Middleborough High School

Katherine Williams September 19, 2017 STW is the Middleboro High School Speech and Theatre Workshop. The club is run by the theatre teacher, Mrs. Duggan. Usually meetings for officers and everyone are held in The Black Box or the MHS auditorium. Being apart of STW means being in shows, being

Katherine Williams

9/12/17  ,Journalism What it’s like to travel internationally with two teachers By: Katherine Williams September 12, 2017. Recently during the summer of 2017 a few MHS students,including myself, traveled to London, England for 9 days with two teachers for a school trip. The teachers were an English teacher, Mrs. Davis, and a theatre