Maddie Cannavo Journalism 1   Going to the movies is one of my favorite activities. I usually go with my friends or my family and we see all types of movies, just not scary. I don't understand watching a movie that will scare me when I can just watch one that will make

Why the Bachelor is the Best Show

Maddie Cannavo   Why the Bachelor is the Best Show. Out of all of the television shows in the world, my favorite is the Bachelor. I have watched this show since 2013 and I have been a huge fan since then. Every Monday night you can find me watching it. I love following

Dream Vacations

Maddie Cannavo Journalism 1 October 24, 2018 Dream Vacations Vacations are the best times because you just get to relax. No worries and stress and your in a new place exploring. Whether you go on a cruise, travel abroad, or visit places near your home. Everyone can have a different and favorite place to

Predicting the Bruins Win Stanley Cup 2019

Maddie Cannavo Journalism Article #5   Predicting the Bruins Win Stanley Cup 2019 Hockey is the best sport in the world, in my opinion. It has everything you could want in a sport. There is a lot of fighting which is always entertaining, the games are so intense due to their low scoring numbers so

One of the Best Movies Ever

Maddie Cannavo One of the Best Movies Ever Crazy Rich Asians. I only have one word to describe it. Perfect. It had everything you could ever want. Comedy, drama, backstabbing, cheating, and love. Throughout the movie you were laughing, you were crying (the wedding scene), and you were wanting to travel