Indonesia Volcano Erupts

Marque Centeio 11/27/2017   In Indonesia, a volcano erupted killing at least two people, injuring 39, shut down bali airports, and stranding tens of thousands of people. The Indonesian authorities ordered a mass evacuation of people on Monday from a danger zone from the erupting volcano on bail that had forced the island

Church Shooting Rampage

Marque Centeio 10/24/2017 In Tennessee, there was a fatal shooting at a church killing one woman and several others wounding. The man was obviously had a crazy disease that made him he “hear voices” and he claims to have saw “‘illusions throughout the church”. The police are trying to figure out what

California Disaster

Marque Centeio 10/17/17 Last week, Northern California had probably one of their worst disasters ever seen. Fifteen major wildfires started tearing across California, scorching over 217,000 acres destroying over 5700 structures. 11,000 firefighters had to go up against a fire that made over 500 people go missing and killing 41 people. The

Gordon Hayward Coming to Boston

Marque Centeio 9/20/17 Gordon Hayward is a shooting guard who was selected 9th in the NBA draft by the Utah Jazz in the 2010 draft. He made his first NBA All-Star game in 2017 after his 7th season in the league prior to signing with the celtics over the summer. Born in