Bus Crash Leaves 45 Injured and a Child Dead

On Monday at 2:40 am a youth football team from Memphis was heading home from there championship game in Dallas texas, on a charter bus. While heading back the driver was said to lose control  of the wheel or overturned on an exit according to troopers. The bus rolled off

What is the hardest sport?

   What is the hardest sport? Olivia Pasquarello November 29,2018   Swimming is the hardest sport to do. With swimming there is proper technique to do everything. If you don't learn proper technique it might affect you in the long run because it is very hard to get out a bad habit in swimming.

Which Age Should One Stop Participating in Halloween?

Which Age Should One Stop Participating in Halloween?                                Olivia Pasquarello October 31,2018   There should be no age that one stops participating in Halloween. Many people participate in halloween each year at all sorts of ages. Some people stop going trick-or-treating at the age of 13 and up because it's “uncool”. Sometimes

Migrants are heading for U.S.A

Migrants are heading for U.S.A                                                                   Olivia Pasquarello october 24,2018 For the past 2 weeks in protest of American and

  The Jamal Khashoggi Case

   The Jamal Khashoggi Case                                            Olivia Pasquarello October 17,2018   On October 2, 2018, A Saudi Arabia journalist known as Jamal Khashoggi went to the Saudi consulate not knowing that he would never leave that building alive.  He entered the building because he wanted to get papers signed so he can marry his fiance.

Should Delta Airlines Ban All Pit Bulls ?

Should Delta Airlines Ban All Pit Bulls ?                                  By: Olivia Pasquarello September 26, 2018   On wednesday June 12 an emotional support pit bull bit two Delta Airline flight attendees, now delta airlines is banning