This Doctor Can Feel His Patient’s Pain

This Doctor Can Feel His Patient’s Pain Sarah Greeley, May 2, 2018 At Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Joe Salinas has a neurological trait called mirror-touch. He has the ability to touch and feel the emotional and physical pain and experiences of his patients. Mirror-touch is still a medical mystery and no one

Gun control and arming teachers

Sarah Greeley February 28, 2018   After the saddening high school shooting in Florida, the state lawmakers and governor are trying to loosen the restrictions on guns. People involved in the State House and Senate signed a package of bills stating that the lowest age to purchase a firearm would be from

Scientists Report That This Brain Implant Improves Memory

By: Sarah Greeley February 7, 2018   A brain implant that scientists have developed boosts memory and is said to treat dementia, brain injuries and other problems that negatively affect the memory. The implant works sending electrical pulses to help the brain when it’s having trouble storing new information. The research for the