Packing College Essentials

Journalism #1 Mrs.Milani 5/11/18 Packing College Essentials By: Sydney Curpenski   College as a whole can be an extremely stressful time in a young adolescent’s life. Moving to a place where you most likely do not know anyone can be nerve racking; getting settled, making friends, keeping up with school work etc. Packing and feeling

Gift Selection For Your Man

Sydney Curpenski Journalism 1 Gift Selection For Your Man 5/4/18 Men are SO hard to shop for sometimes. Unless a male explicitly mentions what he wants for birthdays or Christmas etc, it is like a guessing game. I know how you feel if you wander around a store for hours, only to leave

Stressful Vacations

  Sydney Curpenski Journalism 3/28/18 Any kind of trip can be extremely stressful. Whether it be going on senior trip or a last minute family vacation, preparation is always a pain in the butt. With senior trip approaching, this article is dedicated to tips and tricks on packing, preparation, and necessities of a vacation.

The Prom Experience

Sydney Curpenski Journalism 1 3/2/18   Prom shopping is either a luxury or a stress filled mess depending on what type of person you are. Finding the perfect dress can be a lot of pressure, especially when everyone around you is posting pictures of their expensive gowns. Just keep in mind, you can look

Benefits of Makeup

 By: Sydney Curpenski 2/12/2018   Being satisfied with yourself is something that is not overrated. Accomplishments, even as small as doing your makeup, payoff in the long run. Starting off your day feeling put together and beautiful should be felt by everyone. Makeup relaxes you in the morning and gets you  ready