2 People Killed In A Horrific Car Accident

Troy Bailey Final Draft 5/14/18 2 People Killed In A Horrific Car Accident         There was 2 people killed in a horrific car accident in stoughton massachusetts around 5:09 P.M. The crash was pretty bad is what the neighbors had said, they said that they heard a screech then a big explosion and

6 Year Old Boy Dies After Drunk Driver Hits Him And His Father

Troy Bailey Final Draft Journalism 1 4/27/18         A 6 year old boy and his father were riding their little motorbike at about 11:30 P.M and a drunk driver was driving down their street and hit them fatally hitting them and sending them to the hospital. The 6 year old boy died in

Methods To Reduce Gun Violence

  Troy Bailey 3/2/18 Journalism 1   Due to the Florida shooting a lot of controversy stirred up about gun violence and how safe schools actually are. The government and Donald Trump the President of the United States had to come up with new laws and strategies to reduce the school shootings and gun violence