The Control of North Korea

Katelyn Levesque



1950, a year that would be very important to the USA today in 2017.

In the year of 1950, the country of North Korea became independent and was reunified under the rule of communism by Kim II-sung. That started the Korean wars which was fought against South Korea for 3 years. Today, both North and South Korea are back where they started and still neighboring rivals.

Us being on the side of South Korea when fighting the Korean Wars started the hatred from North Korea towards the USA.

The president of the USA and the president of North Korea both are in an on-going twitter feud which is very dangerous considering the tension already between us. Kim jong-un called Donald Trump “old” and Donald Trump proceeded to say, “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me ‘old,’ when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat?’ Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe someday that will happen!”

Kim jong-un’s many family members were leaders before him so it was set in stone that he was going to be a leader someday. He was the first leader to be born after the country’s founding, and he is definitely a dictator to remember.

Kim runs a VERY tight ship in North Korea. This is explained by the fact that he puts fake foods in grocery stores so that the people’s food is controlled. Doing this it causes starvation throughout North Korea and the want for food the people have gives him power to give ultimatums.

The president of North Korea also banned the internet from the whole country. Here we could never imagine that because the internet has to do with everything we use daily.

Some other restrictions the president has over the people there are they can not fly to anyplace they want at all so they are stuck in the country where they can’t get away from the dictator leadership. They can not read foreign newspapers or magazines incase the papers give any information about how to escape or overthrow Kim Jong-un. They also are not allowed to listen to broadcasts from foreign places for the same reasons.

That is not the only thing the president hides from North Koreans. Kim Jong-un also isolates the North Koreans from their own country’s past. North Koreans are rarely ever given the opportunity to learn about their country’s past due to the revolts of the people and giving the current people’s ideas of doing the same.

The government of North Korea believes that if history is kept under the rug then it gives them a higher chance of controlling the people of that region and gives them a lower chance of having a rebellion against them. This tactic works because the people of that country know no other way of life and believe that this is how it is done everywhere else in the world.

Knowing the history of the world today, we know how wrong this is and are trying to end this for the people of North Korea.