The Effect of Social Distancing on High School Students

With all students of the United States stuck in quarantine, many of us are being affected by this situation. There are high school students of each grade level who are negatively affected. Although, some students have been given a positive effect from social distancing.

Students who are in ninth grade are currently missing out on the last half of their first year in high school. This includes new classroom and social experiences. This also affects freshman students who were looking to try a new sport, or participate in a sport they’re experienced in for their first spring season in high school. The pandemic has also affected about half of our freshman grade in taking Biology MCAS.

Sophomores are also merely affected by this situation. For all Sophomores at MHS, English and Math MCAS is off the hook. With most Sophomores turning 16 this year, many of the tenth grade are missing out on drivers education courses, road lessons, or being able to receive their permit or license. Having to hold off driving is definitely something that can be upsetting for most 16 year olds.

A majority of Juniors in high school are greatly affected by this. With many students in eleventh grade taking AP courses, AP testing is taking a new route this year. Many Juniors also may have been participating in SAT’s later this year or going on college tours, and many other college planning events.

The Seniors at MHS are suddenly affected as well. With the cancellation of the school year, our seniors have sadly lost their final year of high school. This goes for students who were going to be seeing important friends and teachers for the last time before leaving for college. Or Seniors who were going to make their last appearance in a sport they may have been playing their whole life. This has also affected many Senior events like graduation, prom, and many others. 

This situation is not something that’s very good for most people who have important factors in their life socially, like school and sports. Though for some, this is a time for self care and relaxation. But the social distancing practice has affected every high school student in some way.