Three Girls Kidnapped And Strapped With Suicide Bombs

Emily Nelson


Girls of young ages were captured by Nigerian Militants who were forced to be strapped with bombs. Boko Haram was the one who strapped the suicide bombs to them and sent them into crowds to blow themselves up along with innocent people. Luckily three girls were lucky and had survived the suicide bombs. The girls didn’t want to kill anyone but they were forced by Boko Haram. As they were order, they walked around silently trying to figure out a way to get out of the situation and get the heavy weighing bombs off their chests before it was too late.

The three girls had told their thoughts and their story to New York Times, which was recorded. Hadiza who was only 16 was one of the chosen suicide bombers. She told them that as she was sent out on her horrible mission, she thought to herself, “i don’t know how to get this thing off of me.” She had also stated that she looked at yet another suicide bomber who was younger than her, 12 years old, and asked her what she was going to do with hers. The young girl replied that she was going to go off on her own and blow herself up so she wouldn’t hurt anyone else. Which is sad for these girls who are so young to be doing and thinking about.

Hadiza was held in a camp where a fighter had confronted her and claimed he wanted to marry her. Like every girl would have, she had rejected him to which he replied that she would regret that decision. After that horrific incident Boko brought her before him and he told her that she would being going to the “happiest place on earth”. Considering all he had been doing was torturing her, she thought she would be able to go home, but he meant she was going to heaven. They ordered her to go to a camp for Nigerians who have fled and detonate the bombs there. She didn’t want to do it.

Northern Nigeria had and still is fighting a war with Boko and has become a feared place for woman. It has gotten to the point where it is so bad that the suicide bombing rate doubled since 2016, and they keep on coming. More than 110 children have been used as suicide bombers since the start of 2017 and 76 of them are girls, which is a large number. Many were under the age of 15, which is terribly young and so messed up. So many children suicide bombers have been deployed that they tell the citizens to be on the lookout for girl bombers. Many of the children’s parents and siblings have been killed by Boko, and it needs to stop.

Luckily many of the girls were smart enough to walk away and find someone like a soldier to help them take off the bomb before it was too late. Many people who were not soldiers had also helped them take it off as well. This story is being told to show that, there is things going on that are not in your neck of the woods that need to be shared so we can help.