Top 10 most dangerous sea creatures

Dylan Letendre

Top 10 most dangerous sea creatures

      There are many dangerous creatures all over the planet and many more to be discovered. We have only searched 5 percent of the oceans geography meaning there could be much more dangerous creatures out there. One of the top 10 is a barracuda. This deadly sea creature grows up to 7 feet long and is very quick with its movements. They have sharp teeth and a strong bite which can quickly destroy nerves and blood vessels. That’s not it though, many barracudas have something called ciguatera toxin located in their flesh which can cause the victim to have nausea, hallucinations and other side affects.

The next dangerous creature is the moray eel. These creatures tend to avoid human contact but if they feel threatened they make sure their aggressor gets whats coming to them. What makes them so dangerous is their wounds that can be easily infected especially because the buildup of bacteria that is in their mouth. Number 8 on the list is the sea snake. This snake is on the top 10 list because of its venom which can cause nausea, general aching, and can even cause heart failure.

The seventh most dangerous sea creature is the stonefish. This fish has the ability to blend into sand and rocks while waiting for prey to pass by. What makes them most deadly to humans is if you step on them in the sand they have sharp fins that can pierce through shoes and give off a neurotoxin that can shutdown the respiratory system causing their heart to fail. The next creature, a stingray, is pretty known to people as more of a passive creature that typically does not attack unless they feel threatened. They are able to do serious damage with their sharp tail which can damage arteries and also produces a deadly venom as well.

One of the most deadly and known creatures is the tiger shark. This shark can and will eat anything in its way, although they don’t think of humans as food , they do tend to linger in shallow waters so contact with humans is most likely. The next shark is even more known than the tiger shark, the great white shark, which is known for its size hence the “great” in its name. These creatures can grow up to 25 feet long and weigh over 7000 pounds. These vicious creatures have a habit of attacking from below with their mouths wide open to do as much damage as possible. Allowing their sharp teeth to dig into the prey and kill or severely hurt them.

The next most deadly sea creature is the blue ring octopus. This octopus has an extremely dangerous neurotoxin called TTX. they have enough venom to kill 26 humans within minutes shutting down their respiratory system. Next is the saltwater crocodile that has a biting power 10 times greater than the great white shark. They have the advantage of size and weight which makes it easy to trap its prey. The last creature has one of the most toxic venom in the world. This creature is the box jellyfish which cause humans to have extreme pain and undergo a burning feeling.