Trump teases to expose secret files

Alexa Epp



Today on Thursday the 26th of October the 3,000 pages within the JFK files were due to be released almost 50 years after the assassination of the president. The reason that these files were hidden from the public for so long was to maintain national control over the situation. The intense conspiracy surrounded around Kennedy’s assassination has been known for years by every generation. The many questions and fascination with the story have brought theorists to many conclusions about what exactly happened to Kennedy on that day. Historians and people who have closely studied the assassination feel they know that Lee Harvey Oswald will again be the sole contributor to the death of Kennedy. It will simply give a deeper picture of how he died and the investigation that followed.

As for the theories about there being 3 or 4 shooters people seem to think that there will be no smoking gun in the files to make us believe there was more than one shooter. It is believed by many that Oswald did in fact do it on his own but the way the government handled it is what the people are looking forward to most. Historians aim to fill in the blank spaces in history by gaining some information on how the perpetrator was captured. It could shed new light on the mysterious trip to mexico and also the U.S government’s plans to assassinate Fidel Castro. Everything seems to connect with conspiracies and it can become pretty convincing considering not all of the files were allowed to be released.

Trump aims to let all of the records out but is limited to the national security standards of release on how much information is allowed to be declassified. Politicians feel that it is time to let the Americans make their own conclusions on the entire event now that it has been well over it’s due time. The fact that some of these pages will again be withheld only adds to the stigma about his assassination. Questions about what exactly happened and why it was needed to be kept under wraps once again 50 years later. Only about 2,800 pages were released today and 300 were still classified. They released only a few in order to attempt to comply with the 1992 law. He has given the agencies about 180 days to re-review the files and make valid claims on why it should be redacted.   

With all the hype towards this release I have serious questions about what the government is trying to hide and what those 300 files entail. At times it seems like the U.S government is always hiding something and it can become very confusing with their stance in comparison to the rest of the world. Honestly at this point it feels like we will never truly know the truth about what happened as it becomes so easy for what the government says to become truth.