Welcoming the Class of 2022

By: Anna DiBona       

October 25, 2017


On Friday, October 20, 2017 the eighth graders from the Nichols Middle school, came to the Middleboro High School in the morning to take a tour of their future school. The class of 2022 was warmly greeted by a crowd of MHS Sachems at the door, as they stepped inside the school. The student council executive board, class board, and athletic team captains were the tour guides for the groups of eighth graders.

        Throughout the tours that they were given, the eighth graders got to see and hear about all of the classrooms, as well as ask any questions that they had. After the tour they were sent back to the auditorium to watch the famous “The Choice is Yours” video that the TV pro kids make about what the school is all about, and what activities and sports MHS offers. Then of course the Middleboro principal Mr. Branagan made a small speech of what it’s like to come here and explained a couple of things.

        Amanda Bukunt, the freshmen class president also made a speech that she had written about her personal experience so far at MHS and becoming a Sachem. In the speech she recommends “playing a fall sport because you get to meet upperclassmen and are more comfortable with the school before school even starts.” She also mentions that highschool is a little overwhelming but with the help of others, it get’s better.

        Then on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm there was a meeting for parents, guardians, and students to come and see the school as well as get a presentation from Mr. Branagan. Amanda Bukunt, Aileen Peddie, Noah Miles, Anna DiBona, Gerritt Bingham Maas, and Matthew Ruggerio of the Freshmen class were also there to add their opinions on highschool so far and to offer tours to families, as well as help Mr. Branagan and Sean Siciliano out.

        Again Mr. Branagan gave his speech and the thing that he said the most was “Come and get involved in our school.” Then the parents were able to watch the “Choice is Yours” video that their kids watched on Friday. After that Mr. Branagan talked a little more about academics at the high school, and different programs that are offered. Then again Amanda Bukunt gave her speech and offered for other Freshmens to tell their experience.

Noah Miles decided to share some advice by saying that “Upper classmen will be there to help you,” and that “The school isn’t as scary as it looks.” Next Anna DiBona also shared her experience by saying “I was overwhelmed by the high school at first, and I still am, but just take it day by day.” She also mentioned that “The school is like a community,” and that “Their is always someone in your corner.”

        At the end of the night parents, guardians, and students were able to walk around the school, ask questions and get tours. Some eighth graders were still on the fence about coming to Middleboro, because they still have other options. The most common thing that you heard back from parents, guardians, and students was that “The school is really big, and really confusing.” The Freshmen tried their hardest to give tours and offer advice so that the school was less confusing and so that they could ask questions.

        The night ended around 8:45 pm after all questions had been answered and all tours had been given. Overall the Middleboro High School Sachems are excited for the new group of Sachems that will arrive at the first day of school next year!