What the Girls Basketball Team May Look Like for the 2017-2018 Season

Kara McManus


he girls varsity basketball team lost 3 seniors last year, one being 1,002 point-scoring Lauren Empey. With this big loss, big shoes must be filled for the team to have success in their upcoming season. Luckily, the girls program will be gaining a good amount of freshmen. Giving them numbers they haven’t seen in a few years. Last year, having only 4 freshmen, the numbers were not looking good for JV and Varsity. Although they managed to have the two teams, the

substitutions made during the games were limited.

        With at 10+ freshmen joining the program the Lady Sachems are looking towards a season full of substitutions and water breaks. With this they will stay hydrated and be able to play their best game possible.  They girls are already preparing for the season by participating in a fall basketball league, where they play games every Sunday at Halifax Elementary School. They play against different towns, and fight hard games. In order for them to follow MIAA rules, their coach is not allowed to attend any of these games. Instead, they are coached by volunteers, who have daughters playing on the team.

        The girls face some teams that they will play during their season. Seeing each other early on, gives an idea on how the opponents team will be in the season. Comparing the teams to last year, is another factor that goes into fall league. Many teams, including Middleboro, had a loss of  height with the graduating players from their 2016-2017 season.

        The freshmen, although fast, lack height which is an advantage in basketball. Their speed allows them to get up and down the court quickly, but rebounding may be difficult. As long as they follow with rebounding procedures, they will fit in well with the older players.

        Although the home gym of the Sachems is not up to par with newly built schools, the gym holds together a team, that does not need new hard wood floors or plastic bleachers to function. They work best with what they have, at the school they spend every day at. Without focusing on the new lights, and bleachers, the team will play another few years in the gym that they have called home for a very long time. In a few years the future of the girls basketball program will be looking at beautiful new hoops, and score boards. But, until then they must play their hearts out in the sweltering hot Sachem gym.

Expectations will be high this year for not only the team, but for the coaching staff. Hard Work is going to have to be put in early in order for them to reach their goals of making tournament. If the season goes the way that the team, and school wants, the Lady Sachem Basketball team is looking toward an extremely bright future, that is full of wins, tournament, and possible other 1,000 point scorers.